Class educational program

School year 2019/2020

Journey to the land of fairy tales

1. I unlock the kindergarten with a dog and a cat

  • For the first time in kindergarten
  • Our rules
  • Me and my friends
  • What we do all day

2. Bbajaja is not afraid of dragons

  • In the garden, fruit trees – fruits and vegetables
  • In the forest, trees and shrubs around us
  • In the field – plants, crops
  • There is not a dragon like a dragon

3. We learn what is healthy with a little witch

  • Haunted week
  • Hygiene – the basics of health
  • We know our body
  • Fairytale creatures

4. There are no jokes with devils

  • Čertík Bertík
  • Star of Bethlehem
  • Christmas meeting

5. How frost casts spells

  • Nature and animals in winter
  • Winter and clothes
  • Winter sports
  • The snowman is here

6. Come on sir, we’re going to play

  • My favorite book
  • We play theater
  • Carnival for children
  • Color week

7. Mole’s spring awakening

  • We are opening the spring gate
  • Animals and their young
  • Animals on planet Earth
  • Repetition

8. How the egg went on the hike

  • Easter – spring holidays
  • Means of transport
  • I can ride a bike
  • Earth Day

9. About a Sunman, Moonman and Windman

  • My mom
  • Wildlife and inanimate nature
  • I am a musician and I come to you from the Czech lands
  • What we see in the sky

10. Summer with bee bears

  • Adults and their jobs
  • Hello summer
  • Holidays at sea
  • Farewell to the kindergarten